The average commute in a car is over 60 minutes per day. That means yearly time spent driving is over 250 hours! Therefore, many health benefits can be derived from practicing good posture while in your car. Poor posture can lead to headaches, sore back, neck and shoulders. These five easy driving tips will lead to better posture and complement your improved posture in the office with the exciting new Muuv chair. Here’s how to optimize time spent in the car:

Tip 1: Car Seat Position

Keep your seat height as high as it can comfortably go. This allows for proper pelvis position.

Tip 2: Back Support

Utilize the lumbar support in your seat and adjust according to the shape of your back.

Tip 3: Elbow Position

Keep your elbows low and close to your body that allows your shoulders to maintain a safe and comfortable position.

Tip 4: Head Should Touch Head Support

Every time you stop at a traffic light or stop sign, remind yourself to bring your head back.

Tip 5: Find That Spot for your Left Foot

Your car has a comfortable landing spot for your left foot. Utilize this area left of the brake to maintain better posture while driving.

When you arrive at your destination perform a big stretch to loosen up your shoulders and back before proceeding to your office. These changes to your driving habits can really help.



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