Healthy Habits – It’s All About Strengthening Your Core

Engage your core muscles in everything you do and over time they will naturally get firmer and more supportive. Nearly 33% of your total hours are spent sitting at work so don’t neglect your wellness. By paying attention to more than just your abs (focus on the whole core), healthy individuals can extend life expectancy, live more comfortably and ward off unwanted poor posture. A strong core is imperative to maintaining a healthy back or reducing back pain. It also helps prevent or control disease by protecting and supporting your organs and central nervous system allowing for oxygenation to your organs and limbs.

How do we define our core muscles? They stretch from the diaphragm on the upper end to the lower pelvis. Thinking of these muscle groups as segments wrapping around your whole core can support your mental approach to proper lifting, weight training, and activating common movements. The simple mantra is to remember to hold your stomach in! Remind yourself when performing everyday tasks such as tying your shoes or every time you stand up or sit down. Pull your lower abdominals up and in without holding your breath. Regardless of movement, the core muscles connect your upper and lower body and should be gently active all the time as they support and hold you up.

No matter where body motion starts, the core muscles ripple upward and downward like a slinky or a connected chain. If these muscles are in poor shape, it can inhibit your ability to enjoy your favorite activities by impairing your arm and leg functions. So take care of your core with proper exercise or maybe even Pilates or yoga. Your core underpins and supports everything we do. The Muuv, your personal posture coach, provides that extra support through all your movements while sitting. Performance Optimized!

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