In the 1990’s, office seating was revolutionized with wide-scale adoption of ergonomics. Unfortunately, ergonomically designed chairs were based on outdated concepts and principles.  They considered how to support your back only while in a static, upright position.  In the ensuing years, we learned that while ergonomics helped to improve posture, these antiquated chairs cradle your curves like in a hammock.  They do little to support other areas such as neck and shoulders and definitely do not encourage or remind people to sit up straight and avoid slouching.  The chair frame actually inhibits movement as people reach and bend to retrieve files or pick up a dropped pen.   All this results in significant down time and increased costs as employees suffered back, shoulder and neck problems.

Twenty years later, office chair design has been transformed with the introduction of Dynamic Ergonomics. Dynamic Ergonomics is defined as the availability/accessibility of properly designed equipment that adapts to a person’s movements and needs so that they are optimally supported leading to improved productivity, performance and wellness. Chairs designed with the principles of Dynamic Ergonomics help you better engage in your work while promoting spinal health.

There are three simple premises of Dynamic Ergonomics when applied to sitting:

  1. The curves of the spine need to be properly supported: to avoid fatigue, decrease strain on the spine and protect supporting structures while moving.
  2. People move, even while seated, and need the freedom to do so without restriction.
  3. Postural muscles need to be stimulated and reminded to sit upright properly to discourage slouching.

Applying Dynamic Ergonomics can help decrease those factors contributing to neck, back, shoulder, hip and limb pain. Other positive outcomes include better concentration and ability to focus at the office as you are less distracted by aches and stiffness.

Muuv is the first office chair designed with the principles of Dynamic Ergonomics. Muuv provides optimum support through all your movements while sitting. It moves with you when reaching, sidebending, rotating and most importantly helps to reduce fatigue of the postural core muscles while you sit.  Consider Muuv your personal posture coach that reminds you to sit straight with your chest open and shoulders back. As your posture improves and aches and pains are minimized, your productivity, presenceand most importantly your health will improve.  Muuv truly is Performance Optimized!

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