Healthy Tips From Your Posture Coach–Setting Up Your Workstation

Research shows that when not asleep, the average person sits for 13 hours per day.* If your posture is poor or if you slouch, this often leads to headaches, sore back, neck and shoulders.  However, in addition to experiencing less pain, many health benefits can be achieved by sitting properly and adjusting your workstation to facilitate good alignment.  Implementing these simple adjustments will contribute to improved health, posture and productivity. Here’s an overview of solutions for an ergonomically correct workstation:


Choosing the right chair and adjusting it properly are the most important components to optimally designing an ergonomic workstation.  Your chair is the foundation for supporting your spine, head, neck, and shoulders while you sit and move at your desk.  This proper foundation is key to arranging the rest of your environment for the greatest ergonomic benefit.

Choose a chair with adjustments that fit your needs.  One that offers adjustable seat height and depth along with adjustable low back, neck and arm support is ideal.  To adjust your chair properly, slide your hips to the back of the chair and adjust from the bottom up; beginning with the height while your feet are flat on the floor or foot rest.  We recommend keeping your chair positioned upright while working at your computer and desk and recline when in a conference or on the phone (use a headset).  Choose a chair like Muuv that incorporates dynamic ergonomics; one that positions, supports and moves with you.  See our videos for more specifics on how to properly fit your chair and the benefits of dynamic ergonomics.




If you spend the majority of your time working on a computer, your primary monitor should be directly in front of you at approximately arms length.  Face forward with your hips, shoulders and torso synchronized to look straight ahead.  Use a bookstand or document holder placed adjacent to both sides of the monitor for reference.  If you must situate your monitor to the side, place the screen at no more than a 35 degree angle and consider alternating sides weekly or monthly. The top half of your monitor should be positioned at eye level so you maintain a neutral position of your head and neck.  Also, try to situate your workstation or lighting to avoid glare on the screen.


Place the device so you can keep your forearms parallel to the floor and supported.  Use an adjustable keyboard tray for perfect placement.  An easy way to measure the distance to place your keyboard is to have your elbows slightly in front of your ribs.  Keep your hands free and easy as you type.  When resting your hands make sure to touch the heel or palm of your hand to the surface not your wrist. An even better option is to work with a wrist pad.


Position your mouse near the keyboard with your wrist in a neutral position. Take care not to overstretch in order to reach your mouse as this will put undue strain on your neck and shoulders. A mouse pad is highly recommended for easier glide and provides a slight incline versus the surface of your desk. Consider alternating using the mouse on the right and left side and or using a mouse ball.

Only the Muuv chair acts as your personal posture coach. It properly opens your hips and pelvis as well as fully supporting your shoulders, neck and back.  It supports your every move when reaching and twisting and provides biofeedback to remind you to sit straight. Muuv is designed to situate you correctly allowing for improved productivity and most importantly better health.  Muuv truly is Performance Optimized!


* Source Ergotron Study, 2013

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