Healthcare and wellness issues are at the forefront of our consciousness in America today. As our nation strives to control the rising cost of health maintenance, being proactive about wellness is an effective solution. Driven by the ever-growing cost of medical care and the significant increases in disease this realization seems obvious.  In 2016, the average American spent $10,345 on medical expenses including premiums and deductibles.  Further, 45% of ALL Americans suffer from at least 1 chronic disease which can usually be controlled, cured or even prevented with early detection or intervention.

The financial, physical and emotional burden cannot be measured, but can be mitigated with awareness and prevention.  To manage costs and create a healthier working environment smart companies are investing in helping their employees work smarter and live healthier, more productive lives.

Business outcomes from improved wellness lead to reduced healthcare costs, better business performance and enhanced company culture. Here are some ideas top companies are implementing to create a healthier workforce and culture:

Nutrition- distribute a list of health restaurant options, supply fresh fruit and veggies in break rooms for snacks, provide water and tea as coffee alternatives

Physical Activity – encourage staff to take the stairs and go the extra healthy mile, sponsor corporate walks, arrange for pre and post work stretching sessions, affiliate with a gym or yoga studio

Control Stress – place motivational posters through out the office, encourage breathing, and offer time management strategies

Screening – Check with your insurance provider as many offer free screenings and utilize monthly awareness campaigns

Longevity or Functionality or Environment – invest in workstations and furniture that provide flexible working environments with open spaces and good lighting and temperature.

The Muuv chair, designed by a physical therapist will support the endeavor for a healthier environment.  With its patented biofeedback design, it acts as your posture coach leading to improved confidence, productivity and most importantly health. Performance Optimized!

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