Have a stiff neck and shoulders? You’re not alone. Nearly 2 out of every 3 people will experience neck pain and discomfort during their lifetime. Poor posture, arthritis, bad workout form, and stress are common contributors to neck and shoulder pain. Your neck, shoulders and chest all work in concert with each other. Often when your head moves forward, the muscles in the back of your neck shorten while the muscles in front lengthen. To counteract this condition, use these quick and easy techniques to alleviate neck and shoulder pain:

Check your posture, work at it and monitor it over time.

Stand against the wall and try to get your low back shoulders and head to touch. Your head should touch easier over time.

A safe strengthening exercise  is the  Chin Tuck. You can perform it lying down at first, then progress to sitting or standing even when in the car to use the headrest as a reminder.

A nice stretch to do every hour while sitting is to clasp your hands behind your back. (If you can reach use a small towel to close the distance) Pull your shoulder blades back and down while you sit up tall. Gently tilt your ear to the side until you feel a nice pull on the opposite side. Hold for a few deep breaths and do the other side.

For pain and accumulation of stress over a long day, get some gentle traction. Lay on your back with the edge of your bed just under your ears. You will feel the slight pull of gravity elongating your neck. Relax for a few deep breaths and come to sitting slowly when you are finished.

Of course, be smart, if it hurts or feels wrong in any way don’t do it. None of these follow the no pain no gain theory and are not vigorous or forced. These techniques are intended to be gentle and restorative.  If you have any concerns or medical conditions consult with your healthcare professional first.



Other habits to form for better neck and shoulder health are to switch sides when carrying a heavy bag or luggage, make a conscious effort to stand tall, and make sure your monitor is centered at a comfortable height and wear an earpiece for conference calls. Combine these wellness tips with dynamic ergonomics in your workplace. The Muuv chair acts as your personal posture coach to improve your confidence, and most importantly your health. Performance Optimized!

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