In today’s world, it is important to offer a workspace that functions according to the needs of your business as well as the employees who work in them. As the latest generation of young professionals kick start their careers and enter today’s fast paced work environment, it is crucial to provide a workspace that facilitates the productive, attentive, and creative abilities of their most valued players. The goal is to make people happier, more motivated and excited to walk into work each day.

The philosophy of evolving toward a more engaging work environment is being recognized and implemented around the world. This new landscape requires innovative thinking and is just as important in attracting top talent as it is in retaining an existing team. So, as you review the hottest workplace design trends, ask yourself; does your company’s office space measure up?


  1. Unconventional Work Areas: This design trend has been lead by the millennials and their preference for open spaces and collaborative work environments. “Unconventional” design simulates the idea of a living room, meditation space, or a dressed down conference room complete with sofas, plants, vibrant colors, and plenty of room for activities. Adopting these new and unorthodox working and meeting spaces attract young talent and make working spaces more fun and synergistic.


2. Dynamic Spaces: The word “dynamic” means something characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. One of the most popular design trends in the last 23 years, dynamic spaces are moveable, constantly shifting and transforming allowing for the versatility in the function of a certain space. This versatility happens with objects such as moveable wall dividers, writing on whiteboards, lightweight furniture with wheels and


3. Accessibility Improvements: Companies are currently testing new ways to improve accessibility. When it comes to design and layout we now have options to accommodate just about anyone; adjustable height desks, and adaptive chairs, these things are becoming easier to obtain allowing for all employees to thrive in their environments. As for individuals with disabilities or physical impairments, we can follow the example of companies such as Panasonic who recently introduced self-driving wheelchairs in Japan’s airport allowing visitors to summon a wheelchair with a few taps on a smartphone app. And for the deaf, UNI is a realtime translation device that could help employees with a hearing disability participate in meetings and interactions with coworkers.


4. Going Green: In 2017 natural elements in the office became very popular. The implementation of rooftop gardens, wooden or bamboo wall dividers, terrariums, and vertical indoor gardens provides a more calm, creative, happier, and healthier vibe for employees. Beyond the aesthetic benefits sprouting from implementing more green, there are plenty of sustainable changes to be applied such as; powering the office through the use of renewable energy, grey water systems, air purification renovations, locally sourced food, bike and electric car rental benefits for commuters, and more.


5. Intention Behind Color: Pantone recently released their eight trend palettes for 2018. These color combinations include the “Resourceful” palette: a blend of blues and oranges that play with opposites on the color wheel while keeping things bright and fresh, great for bolder brands. Other companies may benefit more from the “Intricacy” palette with its neutral metallics, for a polished yet futuristic look. Lastly, the “Far-fetched” palette will expand on company culture with globally-inspired hues that offer a warmer welcome.


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