Our previous blog addressed the evolution of ergonomics and how demanding work schedules called for drastic changes in the way we approach workplace wellness. The tried and true ergonomic solutions of the past are not what we need now.



Thanks to the engineers behind Muuv , physical therapist Nikole Hall and furniture executive Bryce Harlow, Muuv is the proven dynamic ergonomic seating solution for the present  and future. While most are stuck in chairs with limited to no range of motion, Muuv’s uninhibited movement is facilitated by four degrees of freedom; reclining, sidebending, rotation, and elongation. Importantly, Muuv not only allows you to move in all these ways, it optimally supports you while doing so. Muuv is also adjustable and able to be personalized to your individual body, so its very structure situates you and supports you correctly, minimizing neck, shoulder and back pain as well as fatigue. This frees you to focus on achieving your workplace objectives, not discomfort. Muuv effectively combines engineering principles with practices from anatomy and the study of human movement to help you sit smarter, work better and achieve more.


Why and How Muuv Works?

If you suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain or fatigue, lose focus during the day, slouch or simply want to sit properly to avoid future problems, the following design features work together to deliver these important benefits:

  • Dynamic Ergonomics encourage you to sit upright and engaged; both mentally and physically.
  • Muuv’s groundbreaking Flexible S-Shaped Bow mirrors the natural curvature of a healthy spine, combining support and flexibility. The bow acts as a shock absorber relieving pressure on joints, discs and muscles of the spine and connected areas.
  • Muuv incorporates proprietary Wedge Seat Technology to open up your hips and pelvis, promoting oxygenation, circulation and healthy central nervous system.
  • Muuv provides articulated vertebral support through three ergonomically-designed, dynamic pads that provide customized guidance for each segment of your spine.
  • Muuv’s Side-bending Mechanism works in conjunction with all other core strengthening and supporting motions, reinforcing natural movement synergies and reducing compensatory movements.


Why Choose Muuv?

 Conventional office chairs demand the individual to conform to the seat, obstructing proper posture, restricting natural movement and limiting deep breathing.  Muuv positions you in an optimal position allowing for unrestricted movement. Muuv works with you to maintain ideal posture, keeping your core engaged, your breathing natural, and your energy level high.

Dynamic ergonomic design is the secret ingredient for a future of continued success through the wellbeing and motivation of the workforce. Check back with us soon — our next topic will discuss the future of workplace ergonomics, and why it should be important to you.


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