Work can be physically and mentally taxing, making it difficult to stay optimally engaged with our health, focus, and productivity. People look to technology to help compensate for the challenges that come with working sedentary office jobs. To perform at peak efficiency for long, stressful hours, the corporate athlete embraces the mantra of keep the body and mind in peak condition. Luckily, the modern world has created unimaginable products, tools and gadgets designed to optimize our performance. Here are just a few:

The Enko Running Shoe: While others spend their lunch hour enjoying burgers and fries, the corporate athlete races to the office gym, or takes a jog around the business park in a pair of Enko® running shoes. While most running shoes offer cushioning and support, Enko®, a 2016 CES Award winner for breakthrough innovation in sports and biotech, revolutionized the shoe concept by adding an entire suspension and spring system to the sole. The result? A running shoe that cushions every stride and provides just enough give to keep those joints healthy and impact-protected. With an invigorating run checked off the list, and no distracting aches and pains from running on asphalt, the corporate athlete is energized and clear-minded to keep it going until 5 PM, or as late as success requires..

State & Liberty Dress Shirts: Speaking of success – “Dress for the job you want” is an old saying that still holds true.  For the corporate athlete, a sharp, stylish yet traditional button-up shirt at the ready is an essential part of making a positive impression on clients, management and even co-workers. The problem with men’s button-up shirts is they are made from materials that do not stretch or conform to the body, rarely fit well, wrinkle and dirty easily, and are very hard or expensive to clean. State & Liberty, a clothier out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, turned the dress shirt industry upside-down by solving all these issues… with one shirt. State & Liberty dress shirts are pre‑tailored for a close, athletic fit. They are made from a cool, stretchy material that will not shrink or wrinkle, while the collars and cuffs are tough and bend-resistant. The best part? They are machine‑washable, so the corporate athlete can throw a shirt in the washing machine and dryer without worry, and have a clean, crisp and unwrinkled shirt to wear to that next client meeting!

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire: For a true corporate athlete, a wristwatch is not just an expression of style or wealth – it is a functional piece of engineering that combines traditional design with the latest technology. To have a Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire Watch peeking from underneath that State & Liberty shirt cuff is a statement in itself. A stylish, traditional watch, the functions are anything but simple or traditional. In addition to telling time between now and the next successful deal, this watch is equipped with the coolest gadgets that will impress everyone, from the weekend warrior to the adrenalin junkie.  With GLONASS, GPS, a high sensitivity receiver, barometric altimeter, electronic compass, heart rate monitor and a gyroscope this watch calculates analytics specific to the activity, for example:  running, cycling, swimming, golfing, hunting, and fishing.  No longer accused of telling fish tales, the corporate athlete wows their clients with the exact distance, stroke and power data of their last golf outting, directly from their stylish watch – a win in and out of the office!

The Stir Kinetic Desk: Think about your typical day and how many hours you spend sitting at your desk. Researchers found that standing for a few hours each day has massive benefits.including: reduced risk of heart attack, back pain, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and more. Finding furniture that conforms to the needs of the human body is the approach corporate athletes take to minimize these harsh side-effects. Accordingly, various models of standing and adjustable-height desks have made their way into the market. The latest being the Stir Kinetic Desk, a desk that automatically and strategically adjusts between sitting and standing positions based on your habits over time.. Because all of its controls are packed into a little built-in touchscreen on the desk, the Stir Kinetic Desk is simple to operate. The desk tracks calories you’re burning with the help of a thermal sensor, which is helpful to remind you to keep active.  The desk also doubles as a meditation coach of sorts by switching into a state called “Active Mode.” In Active Mode, the desk will occasionally rise and fall in a subtle motion called “WhisperBreath,” which serves as a reminder to, yes, take a deep breath and consider changing positions.

The Muuv Chair:  Speaking of furniture that helps you keep active, the Muuv chair from Align1 Solutions has reinvented the way we work. From its modern seat shape to its groundbreaking flexible bow and pad structure, Muuv effectively combines principles of engineering with anatomy and natural movement patterns to help you sit smarter, work better and achieve more. This is accomplished by positioning you properly, allowing you to rotate, bend side to side as well as recline, and encouraging you to stay upright and engaged. Muuv is the first product created by Align1 Solutions as a collaboration between a physical therapist and a furniture executive. Muuv introduces Dynamic Ergonomics while stylishly addressing the gap in the market for a chair that increases overall wellness, thereby improving productivity.

Overall, it is beneficial for the full-time corporate employee to be conscious and proactive in optimizing different aspects of their routine in order to maintain a high level of energy, productivity, and focus. Check back soon for the next top 5 latest and greatest inventions that can elevate your living experience.


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