As schedules become increasingly more demanding, modern day professionals seek out resources that support, improve and facilitate their hectic day to day activities. Quality products don’t compromise on form, function or design. Whether you’re sedentary, constantly on the run, work within a tight schedule, or need products that are as versatile as you are, these 5 innovative products have been designed with all of that in mind.


Mighty Purse

If there is anything we can all relate to its running low on cell phone battery at the worst possible times. Mighty Purse has found a way to eliminate that issue for the busy bee business woman on a mission. Established by husband and wife team, Ana Slavka and Stephan Kljajic, HButler has added the Mighty Purse to their list of successful giftware and handbag accessories. The Mighty Purse is a beautifully crafted, high quality fash­tech item offered in a variety of the season’s most fashionable colors. With a built-in phone charger compatible with all phone types, the Mighty Purse provides a stylish way to go about your day fully charged.


Q Accomplice

For those who like to keep up with the technological times but prefer a classier aesthetic approach, look no further than the Q Accomplice by Fossil. The multi­use Q Accomplice is Fossil’s slimmest hybrid to date and is compatible with all phone types. Timeless and with smartwatch capabilities, Fossil has modernized wrist wear that includes the following features:

  • Smartphone notifications ­ Wireless syncing
  • Multiple time zones ­ Control your music
  • Sleep tracking ­ Take a photo
  • Activity tracking ­ Custom goal setting
  • Can’t find your phone? Ring it! ­ Charging not required (6 month battery life)



Ministry of Supply

 If you’re a successful business woman, your day consists of more than just sitting in an office and leading meetings in conference rooms. Being successful implies that there is a lot of activity and multitasking going on. Whether you bike to work, get a workout in during lunch or the rest of your day is simply getting started once you leave the office, you need clothing that can keep up with you while still allowing you to look professional.

“We started Ministry of Supply to solve the problems of stiff, high­-maintenance dress clothes by engineering high­ performing, comfortable apparel.”

Ministry of Supply, inspired by Q from James Bond, offers “performance professional” attire that synchronizes with the human body through MIT based research and technology meant to create sweat proof, high stretch, and easy care–dress clothes people actually want to wear.

James Bonds Q is based on a real person: Charles Fraser-Smith, an inventor for British Special Ops. His cover is our namesake: the Ministry of Supply.



Leading a balanced lifestyle is key to health and longevity, in turn affecting our performance, motivation, and happiness. The trickiest part of balance is making all essential activities fit into our limited schedules. If you feel like the saying “there aren’t enough hours in a day” is true for you, companies like Peloton have come up with the solution. Peloton provides a true, instructor-led, cycling experience straight from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

“We’re dedicated to creating a cutting-edge fitness experience that makes working out at home a viable, exciting option.”

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