The primary goal of workplace ergonomics is to optimize the way people function and perform at work.  Designing a workplace that not only makes tasks safer to perform, but also more efficient results in a measurable increase in productivity and workplace satisfaction.  The implementation of a few simple practices will undeniable elevate the company’s culture and brand.

Office environments are often sedentary.  Employees spend the majority of their time sitting, working at a computer. The incorrect set-up of desks, chairs, computer monitors and keyboards causes unnatural positions, putting strain on muscles, tendons, nerves and bones. Productivity drops as employees are fatigued and distracted by aches, pains.  Over time, the consequences of improper workplace ergonomics causes a domino effect.  Employees may experience chronic health issues that will keep them out of the office for extended periods of time  A rise in absenteeism leads to additional stress for remaining employees, increased workload and huge cost to the company.

Employee engagement is critical to productivity and quality.  Implementing a workplace ergonomics program is an easy way to boost employee attraction, satisfaction and retention.  Ergonomic initiatives illustrate the company’s commitment to core values of wellness, health and safety fostering a stronger company culture. This investment in your team members improves moral and lays the foundation for loyalty and hard work.

The optimal ergonomic solutions improve productivity in the workplace by eliminating these pain points. This is accomplished by designing a workspace to allow for wellness.  Improved light and sound quality, proper fit and placement of chairs, desks and computer screens are some of the ways to positively effect the employees interaction with the space.  Although this process seems simple, it is actually a very complex solution that requires bespoke design and planning, because every office space is different, and every individual has a different role and purpose.

The first step towards understanding how workplace ergonomics can increase productivity and make your workforce a happier one is to reach out to a workplace ergonomics expert and request an assessment of your current office environment. An ergonomic assessment is meant to be an objective study of how employees are faring at the office, identify their pain points and inefficiencies and offer solutions.  As an industry leader in workplace ergonomics and an official AllSteel dealer, Align1 Solutions can create a custom solution that will improve morale, increase productivity and boost health and wellness of your workforce.

For more information on how to begin your company’s ergonomics workplace assessment, contact Align1 Solutions today.

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