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At Align1 Solutions, our mission is to provide dynamic, innovative, and purpose-driven solutions that support and improve wellbeing and the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle. Our development approach is based upon evolving ergonomic needs, measurable results and user feedback.

Along with Muuv, our vision is to engineer health-centric products that optimize the performance and productivity of our customers, positively shaping their quality of life. Our design solutions support and encourage clients to not only feel better, but to also perform better.

Our Team


Jim Mindala

A noted entrepreneur with a portfolio of successful mergers and launches, co-founder and CEO Jim Mindala uses the analytic insight and keen instincts developed in his storied 30 year career to guide the development of Muuv. Immediately prior to taking the wheel to steer Align1 Solutions to success, Jim turned an Ohio-based pharmaceutical benefit management company into a thriving $4 billion business.

Bryce Harlow

Align1 Solutions President and co-founder Bryce Harlow has been optimizing the experience of sitting since 2005 and had the vision to locate the white space in the seating industry for healthy, posture supportive office chairs. An avid runner, paddle boarder, tennis player, and single-digit golfer with a background as a commercial furniture industry sales executive, Bryce brought his athletic interests and professional expertise together when conceptualizing the potential for Muuv.

Halle Mindala

As Vice President of Operations, Halle Mindala leads the company’s logistic and community investment initiatives as well as managing its inward and outward facing relationships. Prior to joining the Align1 Solutions team, she served as Human Resources Manager for a national pharmacy benefits management and healthcare company. In addition to pursuing post-graduate work in project leadership, Halle is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and stays active with circuit training, swimming, and bike riding.

Nikole Hall

As Principal Wellness Strategist Nikole Hall integrates her understanding of how the body works in the service of bringing Muuv to life. Nikole is a licensed Physical Therapist with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy graduating with research honors and a focus on Health Science and Sports Medicine. Nikole works closely with orthopedic and podiatric surgeons, chiropractors and personal trainers to develop safe and effective ergonomically-driven protocols for patients. She stays fit by swimming, surfing, spinning and practicing yoga and Pilates.

Phil Cloutier

As Vice President of Sales, Phil Cloutier develops Align1 Solutions’ customer-facing strategy and processes, complementing the company’s customer-centric culture. In his 20-year career, Phil has proven executive sales and marketing success optimizing teams and building value for some of the top industry brands in health & wellness, commercial furnishings, and technology. Phil has an MBA in Management and stays active with hiking, jogging, basketball, and weight training.

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At Align1 Solutions, our vision is to engineer health-centric products that optimize performance and productivity, positively shaping the quality of life. Our design solutions support and encourage you to not only feel better, but to also perform better.

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