Work Smarter. Achieve More. 

We foresee a future in which employee wellness permeates every aspect of every office space, with our concept at the forefront of this movement. Efficient, fresh, refined work environments foster individual ideas and growth.

Through technology and expanding expertise, we have the flexibility to match the many needs of our clients. By understanding these needs and growing our offerings, we cultivate strong connections between our clients and our team — delivering beyond the expected.

At Align1, we strive for social responsibility as company integrated into our community. We cultivate communities of compassion and advancement.


Generating Strategic Partnerships.

We have redefined how commercial workplaces are designed, procured, installed and manufactured through strategic partnerships with global best-in-class architects, interior designers, developers and workplace wellness focused businesses.

National Reach

Project capabilities that span nationally regardless of size, location, industry or budget.

Expansive Capabilities

Far-reaching design expertise and product capabilities to meet every need in a diverse industry marketplace.

Competitive Pricing

Increase ROI with high-end products and service offerings at a fraction of the price without sacrificing quality.

Project Flexibility

Put us to the test. We are masters at making the impossible possible regardless of project location, size, market and budget.


Our offerings utilize a mix of health-centric ergonomics, green space, wellness-certified solutions, and biophilic design.

Corporate Responsibility

Vitalizing communities and the natural environment through eco-friendly resources, sustainable products, and green design.

Breakthrough Innovation.
Optimized Performance.

 Muuv® by Align1 Solutions


From its modern seat shape to its ground-breaking flexible bow and pad structure, Muuv effectively combines principles from engineering with practices from anatomy and the study of human movement to help you sit smarter, work better and achieve more. 

 We created the Muuv chair to address a gap in the market for a chair that increases overall wellness, thereby improving productivity.


Our Approach.


Our engaging designs put customers into action through an unyielding, energetic approach. Our passion fuels our creativity, and we really love what we do.


Everything has a reason. We walk in our consumers’ shoes with an understanding what’s really going on. There is thought put into everything we do. 


Transparency. Customer experience. Attention to detail. Quality materials. Premium design. Extensive training and expertise. Our brand’s integrity relies on all of these.

Our Team

Jim Mindala

CEO, Co-founder

A noted entrepreneur with a portfolio of successful mergers and launches, co-founder and CEO Jim Mindala uses the analytic insight and keen instincts developed in his storied 30 year career to guide the development of Muuv™. Immediately prior to taking the wheel to steer Align1 Solutions to success, Jim turned an Ohio-based pharmaceutical benefit management company into a thriving $4 billion business.

Bryce Harlow

President, Co-founder


Align1 Solutions President and co-founder Bryce Harlow has a proven track record of optimizing workplace experiences since 2005 and had the vision to locate the white space in the office planning industry for ergonomic efficiency. An avid runner, paddle boarder, tennis player, and single-digit golfer with a background as a commercial furniture industry sales executive, Bryce brought his athletic interests and professional expertise together when conceptualizing the potential for Align1 Solutions.

Halle Mindala

Vice President, Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Halle Mindala leads the company’s logistic and community investment initiatives as well as managing its inward and outward facing relationships. Prior to joining the Align1 Solutions team, she served as Human Resources Manager for a national pharmacy benefits management and healthcare company. In addition to pursuing post-graduate work in project leadership, Halle is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and stays active with circuit training, swimming, and bike riding.

Nikole Hall

Principal Wellness Strategist

As Principal Wellness Strategist Nikole Hall utilizes her expertise to effectively integrate wellness and ergonomics into the workplace. Nikole is a licensed Physical Therapist with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy, graduating with research honors and a focus on Health Science and Sports Medicine. She loves all watersports, you and her mantra is “if it’s fun and active, I’m in!”

Francisco Ramirez

Vice President of New Business Development

As Director of Business Development Francisco Ramirez spearheads the company’s sales and business development efforts across the U.S. He works with global, national and regional leadership to cultivate, enhance and grow new opportunities. Francisco brings over 20 years’ sales experience in commercial furniture and technology specializing within the CRE (Commercial Real Estate industry). Outside of work Francisco soaks up the South Florida lifestyle of water sports from surf-riding to free diving, to boating. He also enjoys running, working out and the endless cuisine and cultures of a diverse South Florida. He gives back to his community with his spare time to Big Brothers Big Sisters and is active in his church especially with outreach mission trips across the Southern Hemisphere.

Lindsay Townsend

Director of Design

As Director of Design, Lindsay Townsend oversees and project manages design production for all Align 1 Business Solutions projects. From conception to completion she is involved in every detail to help bring the clients visions to reality. With over 18 years of experience in the contract furniture industry, her breadth of product knowledge and ability to stay current with the latest trends allows Align 1 Solutions clients to optimize their workspace to its fullest potential. In addition to her passion for design, she is an avid hunter and loves anything to do with the outdoors.

Theresa Horton

Senior Designer

Understanding that one single design approach isn’t fitting for each client, Theresa Horton’s expertise spans beyond curating corporate environments, into hospitality, higher education and even residential. As Align1 Solutions most Senior Designer, her extensive portfolio demonstrates how she is inspired by creativity. Originally from upper Michigan, Theresa brought her love of design to south Florida nearly two decades ago. No project detail is ever spared as she feels most in her element immersed in fabrics, textures, and material; using technology to put them together in different ways to create moods, feelings, and vibes unique to each client. Theresa believes in excellence and holding oneself to your highest potential.

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