“Great customer service and an excellent out-of-box experience (rolled right out of the box). After taking two days to adjust to the unique look and feel of the chair, I quickly sent my old office chair to storage...” Banking Executive

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It’s Your Muuv®.

Patented Innovation for
Breakthrough Performance.

Muuv® by Align1 Solutions is the only chair to blend spinal support and dynamic body movement into one solution. Muuv makes proper posture effortless and inevitable, improving concentration, mood, and wellbeing. Sit smarter. Work better. Achieve more.

No assembly required. Personalize your seat, arms, and neck positions for optimal performance. Muuv’s powerful aluminum hardware is brushed to a premium finish. Choose between two high-performance Ultrafabrics® to complete the look:

Ultraleather® | Viva
A dynamic leather-like, anti-microbial fabric with an elegant micro-checkerboard pattern, highlighted by a shimmery luster.
Available in black or tan.*

Ultratech™ | Helix
A one-of-a-kind performance fabric with a distinctive dimensional geometric, suede-like surface texture that you must feel to believe.
Available in white or gray.*


Your Muuv®, Interest-Free*

Align1 Solutions also offers an interest-free Monthly Payment Plan Option to help you purchase your Muuv® chair over a five-month period.

*Promotional Offers Do Not Apply.

Align1 Solutions offers special corporate rates for quantities of four or more. Contact us >

Product Specifications

General Dimensions

Height (floor to top of bow): between 46 ½" to 51"
Height (floor to neck support; highest position): 54"
Depth (Align logo plate to front most portion of seat): between 29 ¼" to 32"
Arm Width (widest): 28 ¼"
Base (widest): 28 ½"

Shipping Information

Packaging Type:

Packaging Dimensions:
29" x 30" x 47"

Package Weight:
88 lbs (Chair Weight: 68 lbs)

Assembly Required:

Fabric Information

Muuv comes in two high-performance, Greenguard-certified polyurethane fabrics by Ultrafabrics®: Ultraleather® | Viva and Ultratech™ | Helix.

Additional colors of both fabric options are available for custom orders. View colors >

Visit Ultrafabrics for more information on fabrics.

7 reviews for Muuv® by Align1 Solutions

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dustin Mauck

    Plagued with back problems every few months, I purchased the MUUV chair with hopes that it would improve my posture and back problems. And now after six months with the chair, I haven’t had any back issues. The chair actually trains you to sit in the proper way and supports your back and neck accordingly. I like the look of the chair also. Definitely recommend the MUUV chair!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Banking Executive

    Great customer service and an excellent out-of-box experience(rolled right out of the box).After taking two days to adjust to the unique look and feel of the chair, I quickly sent my old office chair to storage. As a person with chronic back pain, I’ve only gone to the chiropractor once since having my chair. My productivity and energy has increased dramatically and have much less back, shoulder and neck pain.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Adam Hewit (verified owner)

    After I had surgery a few years ago, I began to have back problems. I was willing to try anything which led me to the Muuv chair. It has kept my alignment in check, and I have not had any back pain since using the chair.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Scott (verified owner)

    As a creative director, graphic designer and web developer, I often (and easily) spend hours and hours-on-end without getting up from my desk while working on any given project. About four years ago, I purchased one of those “famously-named” mesh chairs for my home office, only because it’s “all I really knew” about office task chairs. I’ve been sitting in them since my early 20s. As I aged into my early 40s, it became a torture device. I’ve developed severe back, neck, and other health-related issues due to “over-sitting” while not being properly “aligned” and supported. I finally had enough and purchased the Muuv chair by Align1 Solutions. Muuv has answered my prayers! I actually look forward to some of those late-night work marathons. Using Muuv in combination with a more concerted effort toward my health (doing yoga and cardio) has resolved the back pain (and numbness in my arm). I stay more focused without the fatigue. Thanks, Align1!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    This chair changed the office conversation. I sit all day, most days. But, with the Al1gn Muuv chair, everything is different. It moves with me; teaches me correct posture; and reminds me every few hours to stand and move. Over just a few weeks, the Muuv product held me accountable and kept me cognizant that I should eat well, sit less, hit the gym, and stay active throughout the workday.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cam Rogers

    I have had two arthroscopic hip surgeries and would typically be in pain after long periods of time sitting. Because the Muuv chair is designed to put less pressure on my hips, I do not feel pain or tightness in my hips after long periods of time in the seated position.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alfred Fichter

    I had back surgery a year ago and this is the only chair that I can sit in and work without pain because it moves with me and I feel supported.

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